TurboGuard® Pre-Filters

Flow is from the inside core to the outer pleats

TurboGuard® Pre-Filters, designed for optimal filtration in high-flow environments, features a unique inside-out flow configuration. The one-piece extruded outer cage ensures no media migration, simplifying maintenance and removal. With one-piece molded end caps and a Quad Seal gasket system, secure handling during installation and removal is guaranteed. These filters boast the highest dirt-holding capacity, approximately 25 lbs (11.5 Kg) before removal is required. Operating at a low-pressure drop (less than 0.2 bar at specified flow rates), TurboGuard® Pre-Filters offer efficient and reliable performance. Ideal for pre-filtering applications in Deep Bed demineralizers, RO membrane protection, and retrofitting OEM high-flow filter housings.

Key Features

  • Flow is from the inside core to the outer pleats.
  • TurboGuard Filters are wrapped in a one-piece extruded outer cage, preventing media migration during inside-out flow
  • TurboGuard’s one-piece extruded outer cage allows for easier maintenance and removal after use
  • One-piece molded end caps, including molded-in bail for secure handling during installation and removal
  • Quad Seal gasket system to provide maximum sealing surfaces
  • Highest dirt holding capacity - approximately 25 lbs (11.5 Kg) before removal is required
  • Low-pressure drop - less than 0.2 bar in service at a specified flow rate
  • Optimized media surface area allows full use of installed media area - not blocked off by media “squeezing”

Typical Applications

  • Pre-filter for protection of Deep Bed demineralizers
  • Pre-filter for protection of RO membranes
  • Retrofit OEM high-flow large geometry filter housings

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