Aegis® Precision Wound Septa

Specially prepared polypropylene yarn septa with optimum resin holding ability

  • Specially designed polypropylene yarn selected for condensate system use
  • All yarn is prewashed to remove contaminants and TOC, resulting in faster rinse up and startup
  • Innovative asymmetric pore design facilitates maximum backwash strength to pass through the septa to the outer surface and provide optimal resin and crud removal
  • Surface preparation of the yarn to optimize precoat resin holding ability
  • Uniform pressure drop maintained along the entire length of the septa guarantees even precoats
  • Designed and “matched” to Graver Technologies Powdex® and Ecodex® resins
  • The only septa manufactured by the same company that manufactures the powdered resins assures good working compatibility between the two components
  • A long history exceeding 6 – 10 years service life

Typical Applications

  • Nuclear condensate polishing
  • Fossil condensate polishing
  • Fuel Oil Separations in conjunction with Ecosorb® adsorbents
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