R. E. Prescott Company Annual Dealer Day
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R. E. Prescott Company Annual Dealer Day

Graver Technologies is so proud to support our valued customer, R. E. Prescott Company, at their Annual Dealer Day.   Since their founding in 1954, R. E. Prescott Company has been creating unique and innovative solutions to satisfy the demands of an ever-changing water system, wastewater, and water treatment markets.  Backed by steadfast service and accompanied by an experienced understanding of successful applications, R.E.Prescott will find the right product, engineer the best solutions, and implement practical applications.  


Graver Technologies feels privileged to be invited to support their efforts in educating their dealer network on the use of Metsorb Adsorbent Media.  This patented family of advanced adsorbent products are for the removal of arsenic, lead, mercury, fluoride and a host of additional heavy metals from drinking water as well as industrial and process water applications. High capacity and excellent kinetics make MetSorb® adsorbents the first choice for water treatment professionals around the world.


For more information on how we can help you with your water and wastewater contaminant challenges, visit our page on treating drinking water with MetSorb® Adsorbent Media.

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