Aegis® DualGuard® Pleated & Precoat Combined Septa

  • Unique Condensate Septa provides ideal precoat surface with inner pleated media
  • Septa provides dual phase filtration of CRUD and ion exchange polishing
  • Remove bulk CRUD in the outer precoat layer and fine corrosion product on the inner layer
  • All polypropylene material of construction, with low Sulfate gaskets
  • Can be used in PWRs at startup with precoats and operated without precoats during normal service cycle without degrading the filter or shortening filter life
  • Optimized pleated filter area and precoat surface allow for low DP and vigorous backwash
  • The preferred septa for BWRs world-wide
  • A long history exceeding  5 - 8 years service life in high temperature applications

Typical Applications

  • BWR Condensate Precoat or Non/ Precoat Systems
  • PWR Condensate Precoat or Non/ Precoat Systems
  • Supercritical Boilers and High Dirt Load Once-Through Fossil Condensate Systems
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