PLEKX® Filters

  • PLEKX® is a highly uniform composite media designed to adsorb gases and odors
  • Available in bulk rolls, as pleated extended surface filters, flat sheet filters, or wrapped filters and a wide array of configurations
  • Active ingredient >82% of the media by weight to maximize adsorption and performance
  • Conventional adsorption product is coconut shell carbon, but can be boosted with chemical impregnations for higher efficiency in critical gas applications
  • Flexible, yet non-dusting
  • Can be co-pleated with our HEPAfine® and ULPAfine® media to produce dual-functional filtration to remove particulate AND odor/gases
  • Considered a replacement for carbon beds

Typical Applications

  • Medical and surgical source capture (laser odors, disinfection odors, etc)
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner filters and room air cleaners
  • Personal protection (masks, cabin-air filters, military environments, etc)
  • Smoke/fume exhaust filters
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