6/14/13: Graver Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the PLEKX® line of adsorption products.

PLEKX® media and filters are an extension of our environmental line of products. PLEKX® products are designed to remove contaminant odors and gases through a process called adsorption. PLEKX® products can perform as a standalone application, or supplement applications that require both particulate filtration and odor or gas removal.

Some typical applications where PLEKX® filters can be used include personal protection, source capture equipment, biological hoods, clean benches, exhaust hoods, industrial and high efficiency vacuums, and air cleaners.

PLEKX® media is available in bulk form for proprietary filter manufacturing. We can also produce PLEKX® filters and tailor products to meet many non-standard configurations, including co-pleating with a variety of other filtration medium.

And, our standard PLEKX® product uses a higher grade 75 CTC coconut shell carbon that can be chemically impregnated for a wider or more focused range of adsorption. Whatever the application, we are willing to design a product that will provide an effective and affordable solution.

For more information, contact us at hepa@gravertech.com or call 302-731-1700.