Scepter Membranes for Recovery of Caustic from Waste Streams

Caustic recovery of CIP streams in food, pharma and the textile industry is of significant importance as caustic is expensive and its disposal creates a hazardous waste treatment problem. The contaminated dilute caustic from these processes is commonly concentrated and recovered by evaporation. However, evaporators cannot recover highly contaminated caustic. In the past, it had to be neutralized prior to disposal.


Graver Technologies patented membrane technology can clarify highly contaminated caustic for reuse. By combining its experience in polymer research, membrane technology and process engineering, Graver Technologies brings you customized solutions to your most pressing waste minimization, raw material recovery or liquid processing problems, including caustic recovery.


Graver Technologies Customized System Provides

• Cost savings

      Reduced waste caustic discharge

      Reduced purchased caustic requirements

      Reduced energy requirements

• Process improvements

    Cleaned caustic for reuse

    Improved evaporator efficiency

    Reduced evaporator blowdown

    Waste treatment savings

• Low capital investment

• Low operating and maintenance costs

• Custom designed turnkey system

• Leasing/rental options

• Worldwide marketing and technical support team


Caustic Application Brief