The Reactor Water Cleanup (RWCU) system in a BWR plant is used to remove contaminants from the reactor water. Powdex® precoat systems are installed in many plants and ion exchange deep beds are used in others. The reactor water is cooled, treated by the RWCU system, and returned to the recirculation system. High quality Ecodex® or Powdex products are precoated and provide simultaneous filtration and deionization. Gravex® Nuclear Grade resins may be used in the deep beds. Graver Technologies products offer excellent RWCU performance.

  • Ecodex and Powdex products with lowest leachables
  • Aegis® Microslot precoatable filter septa for the best precoat performance
  • Ultra low chloride Powdex anion limits leachable chlorides and spiking in the reactor
  • Ultra low chloride Gravex anion limits leachable chlorides and spiking in the reactor
  • Mixed bed with high crosslinked cation for higher capacity and greater stability

Graver Product Selection

Product Application Area
Ecodex P-205-H High capacity powdered mixed bed
Powdex Premix 22H42H Excellent filtration, powdered mixed beds
Powdex PAO with PCH Precoatable powdered cation & anion
PowerGuard Precoat Septa Backwashable metallic septa
Gravex GR 1-9 US Ultra (OH) Nuclear Grade Ultra low chloride anion
Gravex GR 2-0 NG (H) Nuclear Grade cation
Gravex GR 3-9 NG (H/OH) Nuclear Grade mixed bed
Gravex GR 3-16 NG (H/OH) Nuclear Grade mixed bed with high capacity cation