Pre-Filtration Products for Gas Turbine

Graver Technologies unique and patented Turbine Pre-Filter design is a new and superior product that is designed to extend the service life of primary filters. 

  • Our single piece design allows for prefilter change out without the air intake system being shut down. 
  • Technicians do not have to remove the primary filters in order to install the Graver Technologies pre-filters. 
  • The easy-to-use telescopic tool will insert the pre-filter over the primary filters. This can reduce the pre-filter change out time by as much as 75% over the current competitive design. 
  • No Velcro®, No tape and No bands. All seams are ultrasonic sealed, eliminating five of the six potential leak paths. 
  • The Pre-Filter has removal straps that will allow the pre-filter to roll and keep the dirt and dust inside the pre-filter. 
  • We offer the product in a variety of sizes and shapes.
Product Application Area
Turbine Pre-Filter   For the protection of primary filters used in combustion air intake for a gas turbine.    

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