Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment

Nuclear plants treat their liquid radwaste onsite. Many plants use a specialized radwaste treatment company to process the radwaste and several plants operate their own systems. Some of these original systems include Powdex® precoat vessels followed by ion exchange deep beds. Radwaste processors erect trains of small vessels containing some or all of the following:  Granular Carbon, Cation exchange resin, Anion exchange resin, Mixed bed ion exchange, and a polishing cartridge filter housing. A few systems also include reverse osmosis. The standard cartridge filters have been replaced in some cases with a specialty cartridge containing Graver Technologies radionuclide selective media. A Graver product is available to enhance the performance of each phase of radwaste processing. 

  • Ecodex® products provide simultaneous precoat filtration, deionization, and radionuclide reduction
  • Gravex® individual resins and mixed beds give excellent performance and longer runlength
  • Radionuclide selective polishing cartridges achieve MDA water to allow reuse or discharge
  • Radionuclide selective granular media allows plants to tailor processing to their individual radwaste processing needs

Graver Product Selection

Product Application Area
Ecodex P-202-H High capacity powdered mixed bed
Aegis SS precoat septa Permits good precoat uniformity
Gravex GR 1-0 SG High capacity anion exchange resin
Gravex GR 2-0 SG High capacity cation exchange resin
Gravex GR 3-0 SG Stoichiometric mixed bed
Radex Sb 1000 Antimony selective granular media
Radex Cs FLIP & Co FLIP Cesium and Cobalt selective cartridges
Radex Cs Floc & Co Floc Powdered selective media
Radex GX182 Highly macroporous anion for cobalt reduction
Radex GX193 Macroporous cation for iron reduction
Granular Carbon GAC for organic reduction prior to ion exchange