Graver Technologies MOCVD FILTER Elements for LED Manufacturing

MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition) is the industry leading technology for the fabrication of high brightness (HB) LED lights used in electronics and lighting applications. However, the MOCVD processes (GaAs & GaN) produces powders and particulates in the form of arsenic and other production debris which can cause unexpected and significant damage to costly vacuum pump equipment used in the process. Proper filtration is needed to avoid contamination of the pump. Contamination of the pump can result in lower production yields and higher maintenance costs, including possible pump failure. Propriety and unique manufacturing recipes can also increase potential downtime.

Graver Technologies, LLC Industrial Filtration Group has designed high efficiency filters for MOCVD applications for over 20 years. Our MOCVD Filter Elements utilize high temperature materials that are equally resistant to the chemicals used in these processes and are designed to withstand extreme handling and operation.

Working with industry leaders, we have provided many hundreds of thousands of hours of trouble-free service. Our rapid prototype design group stands ready to assist you in the on-site development of solutions for your production needs. 

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MOCVD – HB LEDS – Filter Series

  • Design temperatures to 500°F (260°C)
  • Fiberglass, Polyester and Ceramic media
  • High solids loading
  • No glues or adhesives
  • 5 - 40µm nominal filtration
  • Media is robust and resists tearing and bursting
  • Custom designs and sizes are available