Parent Company

Parent Company

Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, United States, that oversees and manages a number of subsidiary companies. The company wholly owns GEICO, BNSF, Lubrizol, Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, Helzberg Diamonds and NetJets, owns half of Heinz and an undisclosed percentage of Mars, Incorporated and has significant minority holdings in American Express, The Coca-Cola Company, Wells Fargo, and IBM. Berkshire Hathaway is controlled by investor Warren Buffett, who is the company's chairman, president and CEO.

The Marmon Group

The Marmon Group is an international association of more than 125 business units that operate independently within diverse business sectors. Member companies have collective revenues of $7 billion.

Sister Companies

Ecodyne Limited

Ecodyne Limited designs and manufactures water treatment equipment and systems. Complete custom designed treatment systems are available for potable water, boiler feedwater, brine, and specialized process & solids recovery; and the cooling of water for use, recycle or discharge. Ecodyne systems are found in major industries, power generating plants, and in many municipal water treatment plants. Our systems are operating in diverse conditions in more than thirty countries around the world.

4475 Corporate Drive
Burlington, Ontario L7L 5T9

Telephone: 905-332-1404
Fax: 905-332-6726
1-888-ECODYNE (326-3963)

Ecodyne MRM

With more than 75 years of experience, Ecodyne MRM designs and builds custom air-cooled heat exchangers to meet customer specified requirements for world-wide distribution.

Ecodyne MRM
8203 Market Street Road
Houston, TX 77029-2415

Ecodyne UET Schweiz AG
P.O. Box
Wilstrasse 11
CH 8610 Uster
[41] 1-943-59-59

Ecodyneuet de Mexico S. de R.L de C.V.
Martires de Rio Blanco 19-A
Parque Industrial 5 de mayo
72920 Peubla, Pue., Mexico
[52] 222-288-08-17

Ecodyne Water Treatment

Ecodyne Water Treatment LLC is one of the world's leading water treatment companies, offering design, manufacture, start-up and service of commercial and light industrial water treatment systems. An ISO 9001 registered company, Ecodyne, has been in the business of water treatment for over 40 years. Our broad range of products include pre-treatment, ion exchange, membrane systems, and condensate polishers.

Ecodyne Water Treatment
1270 Frontenac Road
Naperville, IL 60563

Ecowater Systems

Ecowater Systems LLC is the world's largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems.

EcoWater Systems LLC
PO Box 64420
St. Paul, MN 55164-0420
Phone: 651-739-5330 or 1-800-808-9899
Fax: 651-731-7420

EcoWater Canada, Ltd
5240 Bradco Boulevard
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1G7
Phone: 905-629-0190
Fax: 905-629-0192

EcoWater Systems Europe
N.V.Geelseweg 56
2250 Olen
Phone: 32-14-257080
Fax: 32-14-224874


Since 1988, EPURO has been designing and producing industrial turnkey water treatment installations.

65 Avenue Georges Politzer
Z.A. de Trappes
78190 Trappes, France
Phone: +33 (1) 30 16 26 46
Fax:   +33 (1) 30 50 26 50

Graver Water Systems
and for nuclear applications

For over 50 years, Graver Water Systems has manufactured water and wastewater treatment equipment and control systems, such as deaerators, clarifiers, filters, ion exchange, reverse osmosis systems, and condensate polishing systems for utility, industrial, commercial, and municipal applications.

Graver Water Systems
675 Central Avenue, Suite 3
New Providence, NJ 07974
Telephone: 908-653-4200
Fax: 908-653-4300
1-877-GRAVERW (472-8379)

KX Technologies

KX Technologies LLC (KXT) manufactures custom-designed water and air filtration solutions for OEMs.

KX Technologies LLC
55 Railroad Avenue
West Haven, CT 06516 
Phone:  203 799-9000