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04/07/2004 John Schroeder VP of HydroGlobe Speaks at Arsenic Symposium at Rutgers EcoComplex

A wide ranging symposium on New Jersey environmental regulations, geology, liability issues, and possible technical solutions was held April 7 at the EcoComplex in Burlington county, NJ, to discuss several issues related to the new Arsenic regulations. The NJ regulations were discussed by Barker Hamill, Chief of the Bureau of Safe drinking water of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). Steve Spayd of NJDEP gave a presentation of NJ geology defining where and why the Arsenic is found. Analytical issues were covered by Michael Wright of TRC Omni Environmental, and Margaret Carmelli, noted environmental attorney, talked about different liability issues. John Schroeder, of HydroGlobe, concluded by analyzing a variety of possible technical solutions and related issues for the removal of arsenic from drinking water in NJ waters. Data related to the company's patent pending MetSorb G was presented, showing it to be effective in reducing arsenic levels to well below the new standards.


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