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01/01/2005 Graver Technologies Acquires HydroGlobe

Graver Technologies, a leading manufacturer of filtration and separation products, announces the acquisition of HydroGlobe - a technology company with patented products for the removal of heavy metals, including Lead and Arsenic from water. The acquisition includes an exclusive license with Stevens Institute of Technology, located in Hoboken New Jersey, for any water and wastewater technologies developed at this prestigious research facility. The business will be run out of Graver Technologies' facility in Glasgow, Delaware. Angelo Pantelo, President and CEO of Graver Technologies stated, " This acquisition of technology, superior products and key management will provide the platform on which we will build our residential filtration business". John Schroeder - past President of HydroGlobe will assume the role of VP Operations. Mr. Schroeder, who was instrumental in developing the patented technology into market leading products, stated" with the resources of Graver Technologies and Marmon behind us we can now penetrate key markets while we continue to refine and improve our products and processes. We believe this technology will provide unique solutions to the ever expanding Arsenic removal market". Chris Wilker, formerly President of Alamo Water Refiners will assume the role of President of Graver Technologies HydroGlobe Division.

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