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10/22/2005 Effective, High Value Adsorbent Powder Easily Incorporated Into Pressed or Extruded Carbon Blocks For Reduction of Heavy Metals & Arsenic

HydroGlobe™, a division of Graver Technologies, LLC, has announced availability of their free-flowing MetSorb™ HMRP (Heavy Metal Removal Powder) for incorporation into pressed or extruded carbon blocks used for reduction of lead, arsenic, and other heavy metals in contaminated drinking and process water.

Addition of patented MetSorb HMRP at relatively low levels in a carbon block design is highly effective for reduction of lead, and at higher usage levels effective for reduction of cationic lead species along with both Arsenic III and V (present as arsenite and arsenate respectively) to meet NSF Standard 53. MetSorb HMRP affords high capacity, excellent kinetics, and a lower level of competing ion interference than competitive and alumina-based products. It also reduces heavy metals to meet new EPA drinking water standards, requires less frequent cartridge handling and replacement, and passes EPA TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leach Procedure) for nonhazardous disposal of spent cartridges in a sanitary landfill.

MetSorb HMRP is certified and listed under NSI/NSF Standard 61 as a component of drinking water systems and is recommended as a component of pressed or extruded carbon blocks used in heavy metal or arsenic reduction applications.


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