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Ecosorb® Media Overview

Ecosorb multifunctional purification media combines adsorption, ion exchange, and/or filtration media in a single, dust-free product.  The family of Ecosorb products includes a range of cost-effective products that remove a broad range of organic and inorganic contaminants quickly and efficiently employing a variety of user-friendly processing techniques.

Key benefits can include:  improved product quality, elimination of dust, increased filter cycle times, reduction of solid waste and product losses, and partial or complete elimination of diatomaceous earth (crystalline silica) body feed.

By combining the superior kinetics of fine particles with excellent filterability and flow characteristics, purification processes run longer and deliver better quality effluents, with reduced waste and product loss.

Most grades are suitable for use in slurry, or precoat operation (1 - 5 cm adsorbent bed depth).  Many are also suitable for deep bed operations (5 - 50 cm bed depth).

C-Series: Pharmaceutical Processing
For purification and separation of pharmaceutical API's and intermediates. (See also our new E-Pak® Process Scale Adsorbent Cartridges for Pharmaceutical Processing.)

S-Series: Food / Beverage Processing
For purification of food and beverage ingredients and finished products, including decolorization, removal of undesirable taste and odor compounds, and the removal of cations, anions, and organic contaminants.

W-Series: Metal Finishing / Wastewater / Chemical Applications
For the selective removal of a broad range of contaminants from industrial applications including: 

Ecosorb Fill Station

PAC, Fiber Resin Matrix

Pharma Sample Jars

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