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Gravex® GR 2-5 SG

Premium grade product

Strongly acidic macroporous, hydrogen form cation exchange resin for condensates and other high purity applications

Sulfonated, styrene-DVB copolymer

Excellent hydraulic properties suitable for condensate polishing flow rates

High capacity with excellent physical and chemical integrity & stability

Available in hydrogen or morpholinium ionic forms

Morpholinium form is especially useful in PWR steam generator blowdown demineralizers, helping to control cycle chemistry while maintaining the amine concentration

This macroporous cation provides improved sodium performance due to enhanced selectivity in the presence of morpholine

Can be used with GR 1-0 US in mixed bed condensate polishing and blowdown demineralizers

Typical Applications

» Nuclear PWR condensate polishing
» Nuclear PWR steam generator blowdown demineralizers

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