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Gravex® GR 1-5 US

Uniform particle size, Premium grade product

Strongly basic macroporous, hydroxide form anion exchange resin for condensates and other high purity applications

Quaternary amine functionalized, styrene-DVB copolymer

Excellent hydraulic properties suitable for condensate polishing flow rates

High capacity with excellent physical and chemical integrity & stability

Uniform size enhances separability enabling more complete regenerations and resulting in superior mixed bed performance

Can be used with GR 2-0 US, GR 2-5 SG, and GR 2-16 NG in mixed bed condensate polishing and blowdown demineralizers

Typical Applications

» Nuclear PWR condensate polishing
» Nuclear PWR steam generator blowdown demineralizers
» Nuclear BWR condensate polishing
» Fossil plant condensate polishing
Other high purity water treatment where excellent separability, regeneration, and performance are desired

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