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Spring 2008 - Gravex Resins

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Condensate Polishing Ion Exchange Resins:
A World of Change

How the Resin Business Has Changed

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Condensate Polishing Ion Exchange Resins: A World of Change

Nuclear power utilities choose among many resin manufacturers that serve global customer bases by producing sizeable quantities of high quality, homogeneous resins. These companies are in the business of making IX resins - a demanding industry that is booming - and this business model may not leave room for accommodating individual customer needs. Are you having trouble getting complete Certificates of Analysis (COAs)? Are you lacking testing and test data that resin manufacturers previously submitted as a matter of course? Are you receiving resin purity levels that meet manufacturer's specifications, but not yours? Are you having trouble finding manufacturers that analyze specific batches to ensure your specifications are met?

Graver Technologies LLC specializes in providing these types of individual service, meeting your precise needs and adhering to your specifications with GravexTM brand ion exchange resins. We concentrate only on condensate polishing and similar top quality ion exchange resins for utility applications, electing not to serve other commodity industries. This specialization makes Graver Technologies more knowledgeable, efficient and responsive to individual customer needs.

Only the Best Resins Carry the Gravex Name

We rigorously evaluate bead resins from many manufacturers all over the world for nearly 20 diverse parameters that are vital to top condensate polishing performance. Only when they have passed our exceptionally high standards do they then carry the Gravex name. We provide fully processed, fully documented, high purity individual and specialty blended resins products. We proudly meet document quality requirements 100 percent of the time for all Nuclear Grade and high purity specifications. You simply can't find resins with lower TOC or higher purity levels.

Graver Technologies produces Gravex brand ion exchange resins at its New Jersey facility on the east coast of the United States. This state-of-the-art plant is the most efficient, large-scale ion exchange resin processing facility in the country and ranks among the very top in the world.

Testing and Documenting

We designed our Gravex process specifically to comply with special testing and documentation needs - needs such as customer-specific analyses that other resin manufacturers increasingly can't fulfill. Most of the testing that customers request is already part of our standard operating procedures. What do those SOPs include?

  • Our NUPIC-certified Quality Assurance program includes a QC lab that we designed to meet product conformance standards and fulfill the nuclear utility industry's specific requirements.

  • Our highly trained quality staff studies each utility specification and our lab technicians perform detailed testing at each step in the production process to ensure Gravex products meet our uncompromising quality standards.

  • We provide full documentation packages with each order shipment and will email Certificates of Analysis.

  • When processing mixed beds, we test the anion and cation for customer-specific requirements BEFORE the resins are mixed. We may be the only facility that does this. But we do it because post-mixing tests simply aren't accurate enough to ensure a quality resin.

  • We retain individual batch samples for two years in the event that quality questions arise.

You tell us what testing you'll need; We'll conduct it and provide full accompanying documentation without delays incurred by shipping samples. Graver Technologies may be the only source for this important and complete custom certification. We look forward to discussing your testing needs and how we can meet your strict requirements through recommending appropriate testing or eliminating unnecessary tests that add cost without true value.

At Your Service

Consider using one of our Gravex resins this year. We look forward to demonstrating that you simply cannot select a better resin or find a company that is more dedicated to customer service.

Gravex Resins

GRAVEXTM brand Ion Exchange resins are available as individual components and as mixed beds. Varieties and examples include standard and high cross linked gel cations, GR 2-0 NG & GR 2-16 NG; high capacity gel anions, GR 1-9 NG; mixed beds, GR 3-9 NG, GR 3-16 NG; macroporous resins, GR 1-5 & GR 2-5; and of course uniform particle size (UPS) resins GR 1-0 US & GR 2-0 US. GR 1-9 Ultra is our most recent innovation. With residual chloride levels well below standard Nuclear Grade anion, this ultra low-chloride product provides unequaled condensate polishing, significant operational benefits and considerable cost savings.

Graver Technologies regenerates, purifies, blends, and tests to your specific requirements. Graver Technologies provides full documentation and stands behind the quality of Gravex brand ion exchange resins.

How the Resin Business Has Changed

Many resin makers have globalized their operations, serve a geographically diverse customer base and produce large, homogeneous manufacturing campaigns for greater cost effectiveness and plant efficiency. This streamlines manufacturers' businesses, but often means that:

  • Manufacturers may rely on statistical process controls for QC confidence, rather than analyzing individual batches.

  • Many no longer provide full or routine test data for their products, or provide customer-specific test data.

  • Some manufacturers state only that their product "passes" with regard to the maximum parameter limits of the manufacturer's specifications.

  • Often, statistical documentation is the only available documentation and retained samples are not readily available.

  • Customers must choose among standard products that conform to basic manufacturer's specifications, rather than receiving products that fit the individual utility's needs.

  • Customers have difficulty fulfilling nuclear utility procurement documentation requirements.

Graver Technologies not only provides the very best resins available through Gravex brand ion exchange resins, it specializes in customer service by meeting YOUR customized product requests, YOUR testing needs, YOUR documentation requirements, YOUR specifications and YOUR schedule.

Superior Products & Global Reach

Whether your business is around the corner or around the world, Graver Technologies can support you with superior products and services. Our ion exchange, adsorbent, filtration and membrane products deliver exceptional performance in some of the harshest process environments in North America, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim, South America and Africa.

Graver Technologies is a member of The Marmon Group of companies, an international group with more than $6 billion in annual sales. Around the corner or around the world, Graver Technologies is a fast-growing company with the technical resources and financial strength that make us the perfect partner for your business.

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