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Spring 2007 - Gravex

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What is Gravex?

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What is Gravex?

Gravex is the brand name of bead resins processed by Graver Technologies. While our company is well known for our Powdex ground resins, what is Gravex? Graver Technologies does not make resin. What does Gravex do? Why should you buy from us? Here is how we make the resin perform better.

Graver Technologies serves the power industry condensate polishing market. Over the years, Gravex has evolved into high end specialty products where higher purity levels and specialized blending is required for superior performance and increased expectations in the areas of corrosion control and nuclide removal. We use only new virgin resin to manufacture Gravex. Further processing produces higher purity, better classification of whole beads and special blends. Examples of Gravex products include:

  • GC 3-1 for deionization and copper removal from generator cooling loops
  • Lithiated mixed bed resins for primary reactor coolant treatment
  • Ultra low chloride resins for low leachables and increased run times
  • High purity level formulations
  • High iron level reduction blends
  • Specialty resins for selective Radionuclide removal

Graver Technologies operates a large, well equipped resin processing plant in Newark, NJ. The plant includes a large ultra pure water rinsing system, a resin mixing blender that is unique in the industry, which makes the most uniform blends possible, and multiple regeneration, processing and rinsing vessels. Modern packaging systems complement the process systems. These facilities allow us to further process resins from our quality suppliers to obtain:

  • Ultra low TOC leachables
  • Elimination of cracked beads and fines
  • Ammoniated or morpholated blends
  • Stoichiometric blends
  • Volume ratio blends
  • Blend Uniformity
  • Conditioning for resin swell
  • Classification and size enhancement
  • Regeneration to the highest conversion levels
  • Special purpose blends for condenser leak problems

Our standard rinsing procedure is performed on every batch of resin we process. Residual manufacturing impurities are removed. The rinse down time required for vessel rebedding is vastly shortened. Other rinsing procedures include rinsing resin to remove leachable TOC's. The removal of small particles and fines improves resin performance. Resin conditioning is accomplished with alternate acid/base cycles that include rinses. With weak anions and cations, thoroughly clean beads are necessary. Our dry blending process assures uniform blends at all resin ratios. This is especially important with stoichiometric mixed beds. Cation to anion ratios are held to closer tolerances than possible with air blending or a wet process. All blends are sampled and analyzed to determine the actual cation to anion ratio. The result is an unparalleled blend uniformity.

Quality is assured by our chemists and technicians who staff the large laboratory that dominates the front of the plant. They operate under 10 CFR 50 appendix B and provide and monitor manufacturing instructions. Certificates of Analysis are available for every batch that is released for shipment. Samples are carefully packaged and stored for future testing and/or life extension requests.

Our state of the art processing plant offers a number of resin processing services. As resins age during storage, the amount of TOC and sulfate inside the resin can increase. Typically, these contaminants are leachable and would be evident during use. We have a process to clean the resin and limit the leachable levels.

Our Gravex Brand can be used to tighten specifications on a preferred branded resin. In this present era of tightening worldwide demand for resin, manufacturers are not willing to do further downstream processing or provide a wide selection of ratioed blends.

In addition to our production facility laboratory, Graver Technologies has its research laboratory at Glasgow, Delaware. Our research staff works on the emerging requirements and requests from the utility industry. They attend and participate in utility technical conferences and are available for questions and consultation on resin performance. Current projects include a flocculation powdered resin for enhanced iron removal in phase separators and a zincated resin.

Graver Technologies has the chemical plant to provide this means and we exist to serve the utility industry. We are trying to make the powder and resins you use last longer and be more effective. Our technical staff knows much about all available resins. We make a point of testing and classifying samples from many manufacturers so we know the chemical and physical properties each can provide. Besides meeting the technical specifications required, we are also positioned to be the lowest cost global provider of high purity or blended resins.

Superior Products & Global Reach

Whether your business is around the corner or around the world, Graver Technologies can support you with superior products and services. Our ion exchange, adsorbent, filtration and membrane products deliver exceptional performance in some of the harshest process environments in North America, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim, South America and Africa.

Graver Technologies is a member of The Marmon Group of companies, an international group with more than $6 billion in annual sales. Around the corner or around the world, Graver Technologies is a fast-growing company with the technical resources and financial strength that make us the perfect partner for your business.

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