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September 2008 - Gravex Resins

What's Inside

Gravex® GR 1-9 Ultra: The Low Chloride Route to Substantial Savings

Coming Attractions: the Ultimate Mixed Bed with Ultra-Low Sulfate Resin


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Gravex® GR 1-9 Ultra: The Low Chloride Route to Substantial Savings

Costs for Ion exchange condensate polishing (CP) resin regeneration, especially chemical costs, are rising at an unprecedented rate. In the last year, for example, sulfuric acid prices have increased by more than three times and sodium hydroxide is at a record high! Short supply and waste management issues further complicate the process of maintaining top CP performance. Power generators are all asking the same question: how can we lower chemical and operating costs while maintaining peak performance?

Gravex® GR 1-9 Ultra Low Chloride Anion Exchange Media can be the route to substantial savings. Developed by the leader in condensate polishing ion exchange products for more than 25 years, this CP IX resin product is the state of the art in ultra-low chloride anion performance. In the right application, Gravex® GR 1-9 Ultra can reduce regenerant and cycle chemical costs dramatically while extending run length. It slashes regeneration frequency, downtime, regenerant handling and operator utilization. Further, it has been credited with helping extend the life of extremely expensive equipment by facilitating corrosion product reduction. Given the product's convincing benefits, more and more power generators depend on Gravex® GR 1-9 Ultra in their plants.

Far Lower Costs, Longer Resin Life, Higher Quality Water

The interest becomes more urgent when companies learn about the success of Dominion Nuclear Connecticut's Millstone Power Station, which won the prestigious Westinghouse Combustion Engineering Design Vendor Award for protecting steam generators at a reduced cost through innovations in CP. Millstone uses Gravex® GR 1-9 US Ultra along with an amine (ETA) form condensate cation in a mixed bed. The first bed of Gravex® GR 1-9 Ultra has seen continual service for more than four years in the condensate polishing system, and to date has processed more than 6 billion gallons of water without regeneration. Gravex® GR 1-9 Ultra allows operation past the amine break with the lowest chlorides achievable due to the highly specialized initial regeneration of this strong base resin. In addition to the low corrosion products and long run lengths, Gravex® GR 1-9 Ultra has been shown to:

  • Save more than $500,000 in regenerant and cycle chemical costs per year.

  • Reduce chemical use by half.

  • Eliminate the need for regenerating either mixed bed component for four years. Operating conditions indicate the Millstone bed will likely be regeneration free for up to five years.

  • Significantly reduce corrosion - an added benefit to longer run length that protects and extends equipment life.

  • Reduce iron transport - lowering manpower usage and increasing worker safety.

  • Reduce the frequency of steam generator flush and sludge lancing to every other outage due to the high quality of the treated condensate, saving more than $600,000 over a two outage period.

The Lowest Chloride Resin on the Market

As expected, Millstone also achieved extremely low chloride levels. "Mixed beds incorporating Gravex® GR 1-9 Ultra demonstrate residual chloride levels well below standard Nuclear Grade anions," says Al Tavares, Ion Exchange product manager, who adds that this type of product is not available from any other company. "Those using other anions with amine form cations often see chloride levels exceeding 100 parts per trillion in the mixed bed effluent. Our product is yielding exceptional improvements: from 30 parts per trillion down to as low as just two parts per trillion." Graver Technologies - the only company performing R & D today exclusively for condensate polishing resins - is currently optimizing the product to achieve even lower chloride levels.

Unlike commodity resin manufacturers, Graver Technologies concentrates ONLY on condensate polishing and similar top quality ion exchange resins for utility applications. We don't serve other commodity industries. Ion exchange resins for high purity applications are not a part of Graver's business, they are our only business.

Contact us to learn more about the revolution we're creating in this industry with products like Gravex® GR 1-9 Ultra.

Coming Attractions: the Ultimate Mixed Bed with Ultra-Low Sulfate Resin

Challenge: Reduce sulfate contributions to treated condensate polishing water originating from H+ form strongly acidic cation resins. Many resin producers and power generators have considered this long-term sulfate contribution problem nearly insurmountable. It has been a discussion topic for years at EPRI and other CP-related conferences.

Solution: As the leader in creating groundbreaking technologies that meet customer needs, Graver Technologies is developing an ultra-low sulfate cation resin that reduces or eliminates sulfate contributions while saving time, money and manpower.

Discussion: This promising new ultra-low sulfate resin is entering the testing phase. Once introduced, this revolutionary product will complement Graver Technologies' ultra-low chloride anion resin, creating mixed beds that yield higher quality condensate water than ever before. The new product will be available in ready-to-use form, freeing users from conducting lengthy on-site amine processing. The new ultra-low sulfate product will be available either as a fully regenerated H+ form resin component or as a mixed bed. The product also will be available in the amine form (currently ETA or morpholine) for immediate use as the ultimate condensate polisher.


Graver Technologies' Al Tavares will join Robert Applegate of sister company Graver Water Systems LLC to deliver a joint paper titled "Condensate Polishing for Nuclear and Super Critical Power Plants for the 21st Century" at the International Water Conference in San Antonio, Texas on October 26, 2008. To register for the conference, click here.

Join us at other trade conferences this fall:

Graver Technologies, LLC has opened an office in China to serve the growing power generation and CP markets with condensate grade resins and backwashable septa. Zhang Erbao, country manager, heads the new offices in the Putuo District of Shanghai, PRC. He may be reached at:

No.1118 Changshou RD
Shanghai, China 200042
Phone: (86) 21 5238 6576-608
Fax: (86) 21 5238 6579
Cell: (86) 137 0188 2885

Graver Technologies' website has been redesigned with new content and easier navigation. Visit us at We created a new portal at specifically for the power generation market. Our Power Generation portal delivers industry-specific information about products and services from the leader in condensate polishing.

Berkshire Hathaway recently acquired a majority share of The Marmon Group, to which Graver Technologies belongs. Berkshire Hathaway will acquire the remaining 40 percent share in staged acquisitions over the next five to six years. The Marmon Group is an international association of more than 125 manufacturing and service businesses that operate independently within diverse business sectors.

Al Tavares, Ion Exchange product manager at Graver Technologies, presented a paper titled "Innovative Resin Technologies for World Class PWR Chemistry Operations" at the KHNP Chemistry Workshop at the Kori Nuclear Power Plant in Busan, South Korea in early September. The paper provides extensive detail about the technical topics covered in this newsletter. To view it, please visit

Graver Technologies, LLC, is a leading worldwide supplier of filtration, separation, and purification products, and a member of the Water Group of The Marmon Group. Marmon is a Berkshire Hathaway Company, and an international group of companies with more than $7 billion in annual sales. Backed by the synergy of The Marmon Group, Graver Technologies operates globally in the development and application of water treatment and filtration technologies for the consumer, commercial, industrial, and municipal marketplaces.

Superior Products & Global Reach

Whether your business is around the corner or around the world, Graver Technologies can support you with superior products and services. Our ion exchange, adsorbent, filtration and membrane products deliver exceptional performance in some of the harshest process environments in North America, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim, South America and Africa.

Graver Technologies is a member of The Marmon Group of companies, an international group with more than $6 billion in annual sales. Around the corner or around the world, Graver Technologies is a fast-growing company with the technical resources and financial strength that make us the perfect partner for your business.

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