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In a Changing World, Graver Leads Condensate Polishing Technology Innovation 

Graver: Your Steadfast Resource

A Program that Makes Change Easier

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In a Changing World, Graver Leads Condensate Polishing Technology Innovation

At the San Diego Winter meeting, USA members heard how the ion exchange manufacturing world has transformed. More changes lie ahead with the integration of Rohm & Haas into Dow and the Lanxess India plant opening.

Understandably, those in the power generation industry are concerned. U.S.-based manufacturing is shrinking. Chemical giants seek efficiencies. Could it become difficult to find products that meet the increasingly stringent specifications our industry encounters, especially related to purity and conversion? Might long lead times and variable shipping conditions play havoc with resin purity?

Graver: Your Steadfast Resource 

Graver remains the power generation industry’s steadfast resource in this changing world. As USA members know, the Gravex® brand meets all the standards for quality in condensate polishing and other specialty power generation applications. Graver tracks specifications carefully, ensuring that its products continue to meet all standards. Manufactured in the United States, our products enable customers to realize considerable savings and are always available on time and on schedule. Our professionals are among the world’s best in technical knowledge and applications know-how.

Why isn’t the entire power generation industry realizing the tremendous benefits Graver offers? There are a few salient reasons. History, personal preference and differences in change management have made many utilities reluctant to change brands. At the same time, some historical brands have been unable or unwilling to meet the current specifications in either composition or certification testing.

A Program that Makes Change Easier 

Graver has developed a program to bridge this problem and provide USA members with certified quality products that meet all their criteria. The program combines the best of all brands:

  • Graver will sell Gravex resins with base resin composition that fully meets a utility’s specification in brand name. We will certify that composition in the certificate of analysis (CofA).
  • Graver can post-treat branded bead resins at our state-of-the-art New Jersey resin conditioning plant to reduce TOCs and other leachable contaminants. This step will provide fresh, installation-ready resins.
  • Graver’s quality assurance program, as well as its post-processing and testing capability, ensures all Gravex resins meet nuclear specifications under 10 CFR 50.
  • Graver will test any brand ion exchange resin purchased from Graver for compliance to a utility’s specification.
  • For specialty mixed beds or lithiated resins, Graver will exclusively provide, and certify on the COA, branded manufactured resins in Gravex Mixed or lithiated IX resins according to a utility’s specifications.

These services eliminate the concern some utilities have had in taking full advantage of the Graver USA Supplier Agreement. They allow a utility to:

  • Use its own specified brand resin. There is no need for your chemistry groups to use anything different.
  • Use Graver, in the new realities of a global supply chain, to guarantee compliance with the facility’s own specifications.
  • Ensure controlled manufacturing under 10 CFR 50 and to the facility’s own specifications
  • Take advantage of Gravex products using the facility’s own specified brand ion exchange components for specialty mixed beds and lithiated products.

Find stability in a changing world with Graver. Our representative will provide more information on how Graver can fulfill your quality ion exchange requirements.

Gil Royal
North American Sales Manager
phone: 302-731-3554
cell: 302-668-4163
Mark Koster
President International
phone: 302-731-3513
cell: 302-463-5896
Seth Kaufman
Regional Manager NW/Canada
phone: 704-854-3422
cell: 704-904-5168
Dr. Maurice Rens
Director of European Sales
Stuttgart Office: (49) 711 3154 7160
cell: (32) 49 521 2746
fax: (49) 711 3154 7170
Charlie Mosser
Service Manager
phone: 817-326-3626
cell: 817-233-9358
Erbao Zhang
Country Manager - China
cell: (86) 137 0188 2885
Wayne Norwood
Regional Manager Southeast
phone: 301-953-7731
cell: 301-332-7934
Xu Xiangdon
Regional Manager - China
cell: (86) 139 1058 0025
Doug Round
Regional Manager West
phone: 281-312-3223
cell: 972-365-4598
Bing Cong
Regional Sales Manager - China
phone: (86) 21 5238 6576
cell: (86) 138 1783 3997
Al Tavares
IX Technical/Product Manager
phone: 973-465-2370
cell: 201-787-3696
Maureen Vollinger
Global Customer Service/Inside Sales
phone: 302-731-3516
fax: 302-369-8356
Brian Raab
Utility Filter Product Manager
phone: 302-731-3512
cell: 443-907-9113

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