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  • High Purity Post-Treatment of Ion Exchange Resins to Reduce TOC

• Specifying and Certifying Graver, Dow, and Rohm and Haas and Co-Branded Resins

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Graver and Dow:
Perfect Together for
the Nuclear Power Industry
Graver and Dow recently agreed to cooperatively distribute and process ion exchange resins – including heritage Rohm and Haas branded products - for the nuclear power industry.
As an industry leader in ion exchange technology, Graver Technologies offers outstanding and comprehensive services. Our state-of-the-art resin processing plant located in Newark, New Jersey, provides the highest quality nuclear regenerations, specialty ionic forms and high purity rinsing to produce ultra low TOC, sulfate and organic chloride level. Graver has the capability of processing large-volume deep bed condensate polishing sized orders as well as small batches for specialty CVCS, stator cooling or primary side applications.

Together, Graver and Dow assure the highest quality ion exchange resins to meet your unique specifications. What combining Graver’s and Dow’s capabilities means to you:

• Graver will ensure and verify via original certificates of analysis and a Certificate of Conformance that the genuine Dow or Rohm and Haas resin meets your specification. Our NUPIC-audited Quality Assurance program meets the criteria of 10 CFR 50 Appendix B. Graver’s in-house laboratory can analyze for and report all standard ion exchange specifications as well as TOC, metals and post UV chloride and sulfate.
• In addition to custom processing and blending, Graver can pre-rinse a Dow or Rohm and Haas brand resin to ensure your material is free of accumulated organics, a process that helps avoid long start up periods and/or rinsing water usage.
• With global ion exchange demand increasing, lead times for resin - including high purity uniform particle size resins - are long and expected to continue to be so. Your Graver account representative will work with you to determine needs for your station as well as across the industry and then consolidate with Dow in order to assist your planning in meeting your needed delivery date. By determining the aggregate nuclear power industry demand Graver can assist in minimizing lead time for Dow products.

• Every shipment provided by Graver under this program will, in addition to a certified COA and COC, carry both the Dow and Graver trademarks to ensure you are getting the highest quality resin processed, as required, to your specification.

Contact your account representative listed below for more information.

Gil Royal
North American Sales Manager
phone: 302-731-3554
cell: 302-668-4163
Al Tavares
IX Technical/Product Manager
phone: 973-690-5290 ext.2370
cell: 201-787-3696
Seth Kaufman
Regional Manager NW/Canada
phone: 704-854-3422
cell: 704-904-5168
Brian Raab
Utility Filter Product Manager
phone: 302-731-3512
cell: 443-907-9113
Charlie Mosser
Service Manager
phone: 817-326-3626
cell: 817-233-9358
Mark Koster
President International
phone: 302-731-3513
cell: 302-463-5896
Greg Cieplucha
Regional Manager West
phone: 312-867-1801
cell: 312-502-5725
Wayne Norwood
Regional Manager East
phone: 301-953-7731
cell: 301-332-7934
Anand Harohalli
Director Business Development
phone: 302-731-0353
fax: 302-731-1707
cell: 302-319-0353
Maureen Vollinger
Global Customer Service/Inside Sales
phone: 302-731-3516
phone: 800-533-6623
fax: 302-369-8356
Dr. Peter Yarnell
Ion Exchange Development
Group Leader
phone: 302-731-3529
cell: 302-731-1707

You demand a lot from your ion exchange resins.
You can expect a lot from Graver Technologies.

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