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April 2011 - Part II

 What's Inside:

• Aegis® PowerGuard®

• Gravex® Primary Side IX Resins

• It’s all about the Floc

• Gravex®, the Industry’s Best Cobalt Solutions

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Graver Sets the New Standard for RWCU and Fuel Pools: Aegis® PowerGuard®

Graver’s Aegis® PowerGuard® with Poroplate® technology has become the new standard for reactor water clean-up (RWCU) and fuel pool septa replacement and new installations. The multilayer sintered stainless steel composites in PowerGuard® better control particle size and durability when compared to traditional wedge wire designs. In addition to enhanced filtration characteristics, PowerGuard® has far greater strength and abrasion resistance than single layer wire mesh or wedge wire for these critical applications.

PowerGuard® also may be used for in-line resin strainers and vessel underdrain strainers.

Graver just introduced a newly concentric patented design that delivers all the benefits of PowerGuard® along with a significant increase in surface area. In resin strainers, a seven-fold increase in effective surface area can be achieved when compared to a similar cylindrical basket strainer. This new technology also can be applied to newly designed RWCU and fuel pool systems. In new systems, a design may achieve greater filter area with a smaller overall system footprint. Pre-coat elements using the concentric design are also available.

Typically a top tube sheet design, Graver can supply the entire tube sheet bundle for quick field replacement.
Poroplate is a registered trademark of Purolator Facet, Inc.

Click here for more about Aegis® PowerGuard®

Graver Offers Gravex® Primary Side IX Resins

Graver Technologies offers traditional and specialty Nuclear Grade Resins for PWR reactor coolant water:

• Nuclear Grade – Gravex®
GR-1-9 NG anion, GR-2-0 NG cation, and GR-3-9 NG mixed bed products effectively treat reactor coolant in chemical and volume control systems. Mixed beds with Gravex are the ultimate in uniform mixing; every drum has the identical resin ratio. The GR-4-9 NG Li-7/OH mixed bed maintains both the Li-7 concentration in the cycle and reactor pH. The individual Li-7 form cation is available as GR-7-99 NG.

• High Capacity NG – GR-2-16 NG and GR-3-16 NG have the highest cation capacity available and provide greater oxidative, thermal, and chemical stability as well as enhanced ability to remove soluble radionuclides. The Li-7/OH mixed bed version is GR-4-7 NG, achieving substantially longer bed life. The cation component, GR-7-16 NG, can extend bed life even further when used as a layer or replacement for the mixed bed.

• Macroporous – This Gravex® product series enhances the fine particulate filtration of radionuclides while performing all functions of the Nuclear Grade applications. The GR-1-5 NG anion and GR-2-17 NG cation complement one another especially when used as the mixed bed GR-3-17 NG. The GR-4-17 NG Li-7/OH mixed bed maintains Li-7 concentration and pH while helping reduce soluble and small particulate radionuclides. GR-7-17 NG is the Li-7 form cation-only version. The anion and cation products may be layered over the mixed beds.

Click here for more about Gravex®

Graver Offers Powdex® and Ecodex®:
It’s all about the Floc

Lessons in Powdex® Floccing, the Ultimate in Performance Consistency

Powdex® resin precoats provide IX polishing and fine filtration. When mixed, the cation and anion particles form an agglomerated floc. Floc strength is essential to maintaining physical integrity during precoating, service, and processing as waste. Smaller particles tend to create a stronger, more stable floc that withstands the rigors of those steps, maintaining the cohesive mix and limiting the release of discrete particles.

Perhaps the most important criteria to verify this are the “V over V” (Vtime 15/V time 0) result, floc appearance, and supernatant turbidity. Individual component particle sizes themselves are not the critical parameters and do not indicate the relative performance of the resulting precoat. Graver’s formulated mixed precoat products attain optimal performance. Some plants rely on point-of-use individual resin component mixing as an option but this requires great care and operator consistency that can be avoided using premixed formulations.

The original Powdex®, Ecodex® and Powdex Premix® product lines were developed and evolved in conjunction with the innovative Aegis® and DualGuard® precoat septa and with the equipment design parameters for precoating and backwashing. This three-component precoat system provides the ultimate in performance consistency.

Click here for more about Powdex®
Click here for more about Ecodex®
Click here for more about Powdex® Premix

Graver Offers Gravex®, the Industry’s
Best Cobalt Solutions

Reduction of activity due to Cobalt and other radionuclides remains an industry priority. Graver developed the Gravex® Macroporous product series specifically to address this important goal, equipping the series with high capacity to remove soluble species. The products also deliver enhanced ability to reduce small particulate radionuclides, which is an important criteria for achieving high performance levels.

Gravex GR-2-17 NG cation, GR-3-17 NG mixed bed, GR-4-17 NG Li-7/OH mixed bed, and GR-1-5 NG anion treat reactor coolant water and radwaste for the reduction of radionuclides, including Co, Ni, Fe, Ag and others. GR-1-5 NG is layered over the H/OH & Li-7/OH, all-macro mixed beds. In use, most plants have “cleaned up” far more quickly when using these specialty products, enabling a faster return to full power during restarts.

Click here for more about Gravex® for Cobalt


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North American Sales Manager
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President International
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