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April 2011 - Part I

 What's Inside:

• Condensate Polishing Septa Choices

• Cutting -Edge Technologies for Specialty Nuclear Power Applications

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A Graver Specialty: Nuclear Power Generation, Part I

Graver Pre-Conditions Your CP Resins to meet TOC, Sulfate Leakage and Organic Chloride Specs Before Installation

Causing and accelerating corrosion and lessening asset life, chlorides and sulfates are key contaminants in condensate and other streams. Ion Exchange resins, especially at initial installation, can be a significant source of sulfates and chlorides. Even highly converted new resins can contribute organic-based chloride and sulfates present from the resin manufacturing process. This has resulted in increasingly stringent resin specifications for both BWR and PWR deep beds and the desire to install the purest resin.

Graver has processed Dow (including heritage Rohm and Haas) brand resins to very high purity levels that eliminate initial and even longer term purity issues. Graver’s technology can reduce sulfates, organic chlorides and total organic carbon (TOC). In addition, our highly converted “ultra low “anions and cations can provide years of service, often without regeneration, while allowing for increased ETA concentrations. This allows for improved iron transport control without increasing chlorides. Cation resin provided in the amine converted form along with ultra low sulfate residuals, can potentially reduce mixed bed kinetic impairment issues experienced at many stations.

Graver provides verified testing and a full certificate of analysis including the designated resin brand to meet all required quality assurance from our NUPIC audited resin processing facility in New Jersey. Investing in initial high purity processing more than pays for itself in superior performance, less regeneration and less frequent replacement costs.

See you in July at the 2011 EPRI Condensate Polishing Conference I in Providence, Rhode Island!
Click here for more about the conference

Graver Offers Condensate Polishing Septa Choices for Precoat and Pre-Filter Installations

Polishing Septa: Graver Condensate Polishing Septa nuclear choices include powdered resin precoat septa Aegis® DualGuard® I and Aegis® DualGuard® III.

For CRUD protection of power plant deep beds use Graver’s Aegis® AFA®2005 in backwashable pre filter applications of either bottom or top tube sheet design.

Graver manufactures condensate polishing septa from 100% polypropylene media and components. All elements are available with any end connection (bottom tube sheet or top tube sheet) and Graver can design hardware configurations to retrofit any OEM design. All elements are available in 1,3,5,10 & 25 micron, 99.9 percent efficient (Beta 1000) media.

Click here for more about Aegis ® DualGuard
Click here for more about Aegis ® AFA®2005

Graver Offers Cutting-Edge Technologies for Specialty Nuclear Power Applications

Graver offers a variety of technologies for special nuclear power station operation applications, relating to both normal operations and intermittent projects:

Graver’s Aegis® TurboGuard® large diameter high flow (LDHF) filter can retrofit any manufacturer’s housing at a significant savings with considerable performance benefits. These six-inch diameter inside-out filters (typically 40-60 inches in length of various micron ratings) can be used as pre RO filters or even as resin traps. Graver Water can also supply engineered LDHF systems utilizing the TurboGuard for new installations.

Graver’s Aegis® Torus Pool element has been used by a number of North America stations in critical Torus Pool cleanups. They have also been specified by many stations to contractors for use in the field – including regular pool maintenance and major restorations. The Aegis Torus Pool element is rugged, exhibiting high dirt-holding capacities, but is smaller than other designs used and capable of withstanding vacuum systems without tearing. With a graded density multi-layered media, the Torus Pool element is available in three micron ratings (4, 1 and 0.5 µ) allowing for progressive, finer filtration and eliminating excessive clogging of the filters during project startup. This allows for filtration to the high clarity eventually needed in the Torus Pool. The high dirt holding capacity combined with a smaller profile also means lower disposal costs.

Click here for more about Aegis ® TurboGuard
Click here for more about Graver Water
Please contact your Graver representative for more about the Aegis Torus Pool Element

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