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Most industrial processes produce some type of aqueous based waste stream. These waste streams must be treated before they are recycled, reused or discharged into municipal wastewater systems or surface waters. The type of treatment needed will depend on the type of industrial process and the resulting contaminants present in the waste stream. For example, a metal finishing plant will produce a very different waste stream than will a soft drink manufacturer. Graver can work with you to determine the best treatment scheme to address your unique situation.

Fine solid contaminant can be removed either using cartridge filters from Graver’s Liquid Process Filter group or using Graver crossflow technologies.
Removal of Arsenic, lead and other heavy metals can be accomplished with Metsorb adsorbent products.
For Adsorption of heavy metals, anionic species, dyes, inks and other organics, consider the use of Ecosorb adsorbent products.
Ecosorb multifunctional adsorbent products are more effective than PAC (powdered activated carbon) in removing many contaminates, are dust-free, and provide superior filtration characteristics, often allowing complete elimination of diatomaceous earth body feed.
For more information on Ecosorb products in wastewater applications:

Application Notes/Case Studies
GD 103: Ecosorb Products for Wastewater
GD 105: Ecosorb W Product Selection Guide
Data Sheets
W-701 Data Sheet
W-705 Data Sheet
W-709 Data Sheet
W-762 Data Sheet

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