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Metals Removal

We continue to face ever-increasing requirements for contaminant-free water.  Whether it is for process water with low heavy-metal concentration requirements, or the necessity to meet the regulatory obligations for water discharges.  

At Graver Technologies, we have been developing and manufacturing superior water treatment solutions for more than 100 years.  Our patented METSORBTM adsorbent products have been specifically engineered to provide excellent Arsenic, Lead and other Heavy Metal contaminant removal for the purification of aqueous streams.

Our Metsorb® Adsorbent Media Offers:

The highest level of arsenic (III & V), Lead and heavy metals removal
Exceptional adsorption kinetics allowing reduced footprint equipment
High adsorbent capacity that continues to demonstrate non-hazardous waste generation.
Comprehensive treatment solutions for process and wastewater applications.
Complete technical support and customer service by scientists & engineers who invented the technology
Experience – from evaluation and piloting to system design.

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