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Natural Gas Fuel Applications

Natural gas is an efficient & readily available fuel used for a numbers of applications.  Gas Turbines rely on clean gas for the powering platforms, pumps stations and other large users of electricity.  Consumers rely on clean natural gas for heating.  Graver Technologies Industrial Filter Division designs and manufactures filtration systems for natural gas applications including distribution, production, and fuel gas system.  Our world class manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2000 registered.  Our vessel fabrication facility carries an ASME Code stamp.  We can also design and build to many fabrication specifications including PED (97/23/EC).

Our CP series removes solid particles to .5um.  These are use for the protection of down stream equipment including turbine meters, regulators and other process instrumentation.  The CP offers low pressure drop, inline connections and easy servicing of the unit.

The AGS series is designed to remove both dispersed liquids and solids from natural gas systems.  The application include fuel filters for gas turbines, distribution and flare gas.

Product Application Area
AGS Series – Natural Gas Fuel For the protection of burner nozzles and fuel injection systems.  Eliminates liquids and solids from entering fuel system    
AGS Series – Natural Gas Meter For the protection of down stream equipment.  Eliminates liquids and solids to .3um
CP Series – Natural Gas Fuel For the protection of turbine fuel system.  Eliminates solids from gas lines.
CP Series – Natural Meter For the protection of down stream equipment.  Eliminates solids to .5um

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