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Sweeteners - Natural and Artificial

To achieve satisfactory and consistent quality, many natural and synthetic sweeteners require purification, to remove color, undesirable taste and odor, and turbidity.

Ecosorb® Multifunctional Adsorbents are more effective at removing many of these contaminants than powdered activated carbon (PAC).  Ecosorb products are a family of moist, dust-free powders with excellent filtration characteristics. 

Benefits of Ecosorb adsorbents versus traditional PAC include:

Reduced dosages required due to the superior adsorbent capacity of Ecosorb products
Elimination of diatomaceous earth body feed generally required when filtering PAC
Reduced solid waste generation (50-90% reduction is typical)
Ability to run either as a slurry addition followed by filtration, or as a precoat operation, where adsorption is achieved as feed stock passes through an Ecosorb  precoated  filter
Ability to remove contaminants that PAC will not remove

Typical applications include:

Reducing color, taste,  odor and turbidity in liquid sugar and bottling syrups
Cane sugar refining to reduce color,  odor and turbidity prior to crystallization
Beet sugar decolorization
Reducing color, taste,  odor and turbidity in HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)
Reducing color, taste and  odor in sorbitol, mannitol, and other natural and artificial sweeteners
Reducing color in maple syrup
Reclaiming scrap sugars
Beverage Brochure

Application Notes

GTX 309:  Ecosorb Products for Sugar

GTX 234:  Ecosorb Products for Bottling Syrup

GTX 234A:  The Ideal Solution for Reclaiming Sugar

Data Sheets

Ecosorb S-405 Data Sheet – liquid sugar

Ecosorb S-407 Data Sheet – liquid sugar – maximum PAC content

Ecosorb S-423 Data Sheet – odor removal

Ecosorb S-426 Data Sheet – soft drink bottling syrups

Ecosorb S-429 Data Sheet – sugars from tapioca starch

Ecosorb S-441 Data Sheet - sugar melt liquor or clarified sugar in sugar refining process

Ecosorb S-462 Data Sheet – Ca+. other divalent metals

Ecosorb S-481 Data Sheet – superior combination of excellent filtration characteristics and maximum color removal

Ecosorb S-489 Data Sheet maximum color removal

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