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Office Equipment OEM Products

Office equipment OEM manufacturers have realized the importance of particle removal for many years.   Graver Technologies has been a leading supplier to the OEM office equipment industry for over 30 years.  The Graver Technologies Custom/OEM Filter Team designs and manufactures high efficiency filtration products to customer’s demanding specifications.  We focus on opportunities that allow us to offer value, added services and product support.

Our product development staff is geared to get you from prototype to production in an effective time line that would meet the most demanding schedules.
Our world class facility is ISO 9001:2000 certified which will insure that you will get high quality filtration products at cost effective prices.
Elements can be designed for temperatures to 750 degrees F and micron ratings to .12um. 
The latest technology with respect to media, adhesives and manufacturing techniques.

Whether you product is already in the field and requires updating or still in the product development stage, put the Graver Technologies Product Development Team to work for you.

Product Application Area
Custom OEM Filters – Office Equipment
  • For the filtering of air used to cool components in office equipment.
  • For the elimination of ozone generated by office equipment.    

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